Appliance User Manuals

A lot of us have heard that old saying, “If all else fails, read the instructions!” Well, we all have a ton of things to do and aren’t those expensive new appliances supposed to be easier to use and trouble-free? Maybe someday, but we aren’t there yet!instruction-manual

Reading the user manuals for your household appliances, and referring to them is one of the simplest ways you can enjoy better, more efficient, and longer lasting performance from these important and helpful appliances. I’ve seen many appliances over the years which have had extended life because homeowners applied this knowledge wisely.

Avoiding problems caused by accidental misuse can also mean avoiding the loss of warranty for some repairs. This is another good reason for spending a few moments to read your manual when first purchasing a new appliance. While you may have read the instructions carefully when you first made those purchases, it is always good to refresh your memory from time to time. Sometimes when we do that, we’ll discover something we missed the first time around. Also, because others in your household may not have read the instructions, it’s always a good idea to fill them in on important details they need to know. In the next paragraph, I’ve listed one common and important detail as an example. Your appliance instruction manuals and warranties are likely to provide additional information which can be quite valuable.

Front loading washers have become very popular, and they work quite well as long as the door seal doesn’t leak. Modern materials and manufacturing practices have produced washer door seals which can last for many years without leaking, with minimal maintenance. However, the seal should be cleaned on a regular basis, to prevent soapy buildup which can compromise the seal’s watertight fit. Second, because scouring pads and other abrasive cleaning materials leave scratches which cause leaks, the use of these will often void the door seal’s warranty. So, always use non-abrasive cleaning materials which dissolve deposits without damaging the seal. If you own a front-loading washer, check with your owner’s manual or with the manufacturer for their recommendations about recommended door seal cleaners.

To learn more and avoid unnecessary problems with your appliances, take a moment to read or re-read your instruction manuals. By doing so, you may save unnecessary problems and expense, and well-informed operation and timely maintenance is likely to extend the useful service life for your appliances. In terms of practical investment strategies, long-term convenience, and realized economic returns, a little review time with your appliance instruction manuals is one of the best investments you can make!

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