Dishwasher Maintenance Tip: Dishwasher Cleaning

steam-dishwasher-1To get the best cleaning performance from your dishwasher, you should use a good dishwasher cleaner on a regular basis. Without cleaning, mineral deposits can form inside your dishwasher’s pump and water passages, as well as leaving stains on the interior surface, that take away that “New Look”. Without regular cleaning, your dishwasher’s water jets can become clogged and unwelcome odors can develop. Clogged water jets and mineral deposits in your dishwasher’s water passages will restrict water flow, reducing your dishwasher’s cleaning effectiveness and its energy efficiency, and can damage the heating/drying element. Restricted water flow will also add unnecessary stress to your dishwasher’s water pump, reducing its working life. However, regular use of a good dishwasher cleaner will dissolve and rinse away deposits and prevent more deposits from forming. As a result, your dishwasher will perform better, smell fresher, and last longer.

To find the best cleaner for your dishwasher, consult with your dishwasher’s owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer and ask about their recommendations. I like the Citric based cleaners, the type that can also be used to wash dishes that have a film on them.  Typically, a once-a-month cleaning is sufficient to maintain a fresh smelling, full-powered, healthy dishwasher. In some hard water areas where water-borne minerals are especially heavy, more frequent cleanings may be necessary.

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