Oven Temperature Test

As we enter the Fall season, we generally find ourselves grilling fewer meals outdoors and preparing more meals indoors. With major holidays approaching, now is a good time to use the self-clean mode to clean your oven to prepare for those large important meals. When using your oven’s self-clean mode, always follow the user manual’s instructions, and do this weeks before you need the oven for holiday cooking.


If you suspect your oven’s actual temperatures don’t match the temperatures you are setting, you can have a professional test your oven’s controls for accuracy. If necessary, a professional appliance technician can re-calibrate your oven so that its temperature settings closely match its actual temperatures.

It is important to know that no oven is ready for cooking until it is properly preheated. While most ovens have audible and visual indicators which tell you when oven air temperature reaches the set-point, this is only an indicator of air temperatures, which are heated quite rapidly. For the best results, it is always best to wait until an oven’s interior becomes fully saturated with heat, before using it for baking. Complete thermal saturation requires an average of 20 to 30 minutes. At this point, the oven’s interior walls will reach the same temperature as its interior air.

When anything is placed into an oven before full temperature saturation, the bottom of those items, a pan of cookies for instance, is likely to be burned. Some manufacturers recommend waiting another 10 to 15 minutes after the control provides an audible or visual signal, for optimal results and more even baking. If you have noticed the second batch of cookies is better than the first, you’ve seen why waiting those extra minutes is so important, for proper preheating or “conditioning”, as one manufacturer refers to this. If you would like your oven professionally calibrated before your next big holiday meal, call us now to schedule an appointment. There’s no reason to wait for a major repair to enjoy the best possible performance from your kitchen’s oven.



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